Google Search Tips and YOuTube

Google search result is one of the popularly used metrics to measure one’s success regarding online presence. If your site ranks high in Google, you have a great chance of getting more visitors. The same principle can be applied to YouTube. Apparently, some principles in YouTube algorithm work quite similar to Google wherein relevance and quality are the two determinants whether your videos will appear in the search results or not.

After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Knowing the ground rules in Google can actually help you understand how YouTube services work. Below are some Google features that can teach you a thing or two about YouTube:

Keyword Optimization

Keywords and tags are essential SEO techniques applied by most marketers to get a good ranking on Google. This serves as markers that will help the searchers to locate your content. In YouTube marketing, keywords and tags are also relevant. They are used to describe your video content and are usually included in optimizing your videos.

However, one important thing that you need to bear in mind is to avoid using the same keywords in Google and YouTube. One keyword might have a high ranking in Google but rank low in YouTube and vice versa. It is imperative to conduct a separate keyword research to ensure high ranking in both search engines.

Linking to Websites

Using links in your page is a well-known tactic used to rank high in Google. If several websites link to your page, you may likely get a good spot in search results. The same thing goes with YouTube. One incredible feature of YouTube services is that whether the links are dofollow or nofollow, they have value.

There are two primary ways to add web links on YouTube. First is from your channel that allows you to create links to other social media accounts and your website. Second is from the inside your video descriptions. Adding links to your videos will help drive traffic to your channel.

Debranding Content

Branded content is another essential aspect of internet marketing, and YouTube services are not one to miss this media landscape. YouTube is by far most marketers favorite marketing platform. This is anchored by the fact that about 88% of the internet users engage more on videos as compared to other forms of marketing campaigns.

With this, a lot of online ads are heavily concentrated in video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. However, because of this popularity, more and more videos are stuffed and crowded with too much branding that they lose their online credibility. This is where debranding techniques come in handy. To address this issue about too much branding, YouTube services now embraces the debranding tactic.

Debranding is a technique used by many websites to regain their credibility in search engine results. In this technique, you control how much of your content will be branded. Debranding is a camouflage technique where the promotional aspect of your content is strategically hidden so as not to affect your content’s quality and relevance. It’s like promoting your brand, channel, or services without being too pushy.

Account Suspension

Just like Google, YouTube also suspends an account that goes against the YouTube services policy. One of the most common causes for account suspension include misleading information, keywords and tags spamming, as well as unauthorized linking to another website which you do not own.

To avoid being suspended, it is recommended to update your channel often and check if new terms are implemented in YouTube. It will also do you good to check for YouTube algorithm updates to make the necessary changes in your video marketing strategies.

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