Amanda Oleander, an artist based in Los Angeles has been tremendously successful on Periscope. In just months, she has been able to gain 500K followers and 400K hearts (those cute little applause generated by tapping on the viewer’s screen). When I first saw the headline on the ABC news, I thought for sure she had a following on other social media outlets that she brought over with her. For this starlet, that does not seem to be the case. I just started following her, so I am not even in a position to analyze or critique her Periscope style and strategy, but from her interview with ABC she says in her first month on live stream she scoped herself sleeping. From that scope alone, she had over 18,000 viewers. It seems to me she is willing to do what others are not willing to do. And I suspect she is quite talented artistically as well as charismatic. So we have the hook (what brings folks in) and next the content (what keeps them coming back for more). I personally was charmed by the kitty cat she drew while doing the Cosmopolitan interview.


Although I am quite impressed with her Periscope stats, what impresses me most is her savvy approach to leveraging her Periscope stardom with traditional media. There are many starlets on Periscope, yet few get into the press like she is. Much like my article and local Chestnut Hill piece, and another article coming out in February 2016 about my Periscope journey, Amanda is taking her social media and combining it with newspapers, magazines and T.V. A very clever move indeed!


Using live stream expertise to get even more brand exposure and traffic to her art, which is what she sells to generate a revenue stream for herself, is quite brilliant. Every business, sole proprietor and person who has a message to carry can take advantage of this technique. The reach social media has is incredible. Combine your audience with traditional media and you have now taken your brand exposure to an entirely new level!


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