blogging strategiesPeople today are totally inundated with emails and social media notifications. That is why now more than ever our topics, our subject titles need to be catchy and really jump out at your readers. If you are sending out an email, it takes ONE click to delete, two or three to get to your content. Your title better be of worth or your readers trash is filling up fast. Livestream is the same way. Notifications for new broadcasts are going off like wild fire. If you aren’t broadcasting content that is worthy folks won’t be interested and the best way for them to determine if they should attend is reading your broadcast title. Content is extremely important so that is why I like to have a value proposition around a particular theme, business, blog. From that value proposition comes titles, one liners and tag lines. Everything is pulled from the same statement (the wording can be completely different, but the messages align) so the content is consistent. This is what I teach in my SpeakerStreamâ„¢ training course. It is such a great way to put together a series of livestream broadcasts. blog posts and emails all supporting the content. A strategy that brings about clarity, supports consistency and when written properly, offers a strong headline to attract an audience. Sometimes putting together a value proposition isn’t feasible, or you may just be getting clarity about your content. If that is the case, still work on always improving your titles and subject lines. HubSpot published a great graphic I included below. If that is even to overwhelming, here are 5 plug and post titles to get you going. Simply insert your own words and you are good to go!

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  1. Incredibly Quirky INSERT YOUR WORD (verb ie, swimming, writing, blogging etc.) Techniques That Will Improve Your Life
  2. 10 Amazing INSERT YOUR WORD (adjective Photography, Fitness, Healthy Living etc.) Books (Including Great Photos)
  3. INSERT WORD (noun WordPress Blog, iPhone6, ) Not Working Properly? Watch My Video Troubleshooting Video To Identify Why
  4. 20 Tutorial Videos To Help You Become An Expert In (Insert Word)
  5. 5 Secrets About (insert Noun) (With Photos!)


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Data-Driven Strategies for Writing Better Titles & Headlines

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